L.W. Mountain Inc. is seeking an Accountant to perform the FOLLOWING duties:


1. Develop revenue and expenditures forecast.

2. Prepare, maintain and analyze budget, suggest ways to reduce cost, enhance revenue and improve profit.

3. Establish, analyze, implement, interpret and maintain ledger data and accounting systems.

4. Verify transaction information, schedule and prepare disbursements, arrange for payment including deposits, withdrawal, receivables, refunds etc.

5. Prepare General Ledger account reconciliation on a monthly basis, summarize conclusions and give recommendations.

6. Prepare, examine and analyze accounting records, financial statements or other financial reports by extracting, reconciling and analyzing relevant data from company database, summarize similar historical trends, and predicting future variance.

7. Verify vendor accounts by reconciling monthly statements and related transactions; work with vendors to solve issues regarding payment discrepancies such as non-payments, delayed payments and other irregularities.


Requirements:  Bachelor’s Degree or above in accounting or related is required. Related experience preferred.


Please send resume to: L.W. Mountain, Inc.

                                      1605 Dundee Ave, Suite B

            `                       Elgin, IL 60120