In case of a concern with the quality of L.W. Mountain, Inc. product being installed, please follow the following guidelines:

The installer should stop installation the moment he/she notices an issue with the floor.

The retailer/distributor (where the original purchase was made) should be contacted first. The retailer/distributor will determine whether the complaint has to be filed under the flooring warranty. The retailer/distributor must contact L.W. Mountain, Inc. and follow claim's procedures for the claim to be processed.

A claim form available at lwmountain.com must be filled out within the warranty coverage period and no later than three (3) months after the first occurrence of the problem giving rise to your claim. The claim form and any supporting photos should be emailed to tom@lwmountain.com or faxed to 847-888-6699. Samples showing the defect, if available, should be forwarded to L.W. Mountain at 1605 Dundee Ave., Suite B, Elgin, IL 60120, Attention: Tom. Please include a copy of your claim form with the samples.

The L.W. Mountain representative will contact the party submitting the claim form within five (5) business days with guidelines on how to proceed.

If pictures and samples are not enough, L.W. Mountain reserves the right to have an independent inspector physically inspect the reported defect and remove additional samples, if necessary, for technical analysis.

The independent inspector will submit his/her report to L.W. Mountain for determination of final resolution.

Upon receipt of the independent inspector's report, L.W. Mountain, Inc. will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace the affected area; or in case of a complete relay, supply replacement material in the form of an identical or equivalent product.

Any party that commits to floor repair/replacement without the consent of L.W. Mountain, Inc., may be responsible for the cost of the repair and/or replacement. An unauthorized floor replacement or repair does not financially bind the manufacturer.

In case your local authorized L.W. Mountain, Inc. dealer is unable to resolve your claim, please contact us directly by e-mail at tom@lwmountain.com.


- Keep the original invoice, contractor information, L.W. Mountain, Inc. Installation Guide available at lwmountain.com, the L.W. Mountain Care and Maintenance/Warranty Guide; and if available, product dye lot information.

- Responsibility for final inspection and approval falls to the customer and installer prior to permanent installation. It is the installer's responsibility to check color, finish, and quality before installation. If your installer is not satisfied with the flooring prior to installation, then do not install the floor and contact your dealer right away. We are not responsible for any costs associated with repairing or replacing boards that were installed with evident defects.

Note: Industry standards, state that generally a material defect will be noticed within the first 150 square feet of installation. Proceeding with an installation with known defects beyond this point limits the amount of the total claim to be approved.

- L.W. Mountain, Inc. is not responsible for improper installation.

- L.W. Mountain, Inc. is not responsible for incorrect maintenance (e.g. use of a wet mop or steamer), accidents, scratching, or dents caused by dropped objects, house pets, high-heeled shoes, outside debris, furniture, liquid spills, water leaks, caster wheels, or vacuum cleaner beater bars..

- L.W. Mountain, Inc. is not responsible for floor color change due to exposure to ultraviolet lighting (direct sunlight). Color fading and/or darkening is a natural occurrence caused by exposure to UV rays and is not considered to be a product defect.

- Antiquing, scraping, or other distressing by manufacturer will affect the finish performance. The raised texture created by the antiquing process is susceptible to premature wear (e.g. cracks, chips, separations). This is not considered a finish defect and over time will enhance the aged appearance of the flooring. Antiquing, scraping, distressing, or other alteration to finish performed by any party other than the manufacturer voids the finish warranty.

- L.W. Mountain, Inc. is not responsible for the removal or replacement of cabinets, appliances, or other fixtures.

- L.W. Mountain, Inc. is not responsible for relocation during the repair process such as hotel, meals, or moving and storage of furniture.

Note: Proper claim form, photos, and/or samples need to be submitted to L.W. Mountain, Inc. in order for your claim to be processed.