Luxury Vinyl Tile Limited Lifetime Warranty


L.W. MOUNTAIN, INC. Wood Flooring has the following limited warranties:

1) Lifetime structural warranty

2) Lifetime finish wear-through warranty

This limited warranty is made subject to the following conditions:
    • The flooring must be used only indoors in residential areas.
    • The surface wear must not have occurred as a result on incorrect maintenance or accidents such as damage caused by scratching, impact, and cutting.
    • The surface wear must be readily visible (approximately 10% of the installed floor). Gloss reduction is not considered surface wear.
    • LWM warrants its products are free from manufacturing defects in lamination, milling and assembly for as long as you own it. LWM also warrants that its products will not buckle, cup or warp “when properly installed and normal humidity in the home (35%-55%) is maintained according to LWM recommended procedures”.


LWM warranties do not cover indentations, scratches, or damages caused by negligence, exposure to extreme heat, dryness or water saturation, accidents, abuse, misuse indentation from stiletto heels, stains as a result of chemical or industrial products, improper installation and maintenance, insufficient protection or improper alternations of the original manufactured product.

This writing is the complete and exclusive statement of the warranty and is in lieu of all other express and /or implied warranties. LWM assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. The sole remedy provided herein is the repair or replacement of defective products.

L.W. MOUNTAIN, INC. warrants that your Homestyle Collection LVP flooring will be free from manufacturing defects and for a period of 5 years following the date of purchase, under light commercial use*, will not wear-through, stain or discolor form mold, mildew or alkali. Mold and mildew growth caused by excessive moisture as a result of flooding, plumbing and appliance leaks, and water leakage through sliding glass doors is not covered.

*Light commercial is defined as environments which do not have heavy commercial traffic, where the flooring is not exposed to a heavy commercial maintenance schedule and where the interior temperature and humidity can be controlled and maintained. If there is a question as to whether the site is determined to be light commercial, contact L.W. Mountain, Inc.

Definitions for Applications in terms of LVP



• Use rugs inside and outside entrances to prevent sand and abrasives from being tracked onto floor. Use soft woven rugs. Clean or replace rugs as needed.
• Apply felt pads on all furniture legs to ease movement and prevent scratches. When moving furniture or appliances, use caution to avoid scratching, indentations, or gouging.
• Use large soft polyurethane or rubber casters versus narrow rigid plastic ones.
• Maintain relative humidity level between 35%-55% for your good health, your wood floor and furnishings. In high humidity, the use of air conditioners or dehumidifiers will control the environment. During dry periods, use a humidifier.
• Stiletto high-heels and spiked sport shoes are not recommended on any flooring.


• Wipe up spills quickly to protect floor from excess liquid.
• Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly to prevent dirt, dust and abrasives that can scratch or dull its finish.
NOTE: Vacuum only with a hard floor attachment. A revolving beater brush can hold grit which can damage the finish.
• Clean your floor as needed with any wood floor CLEANER.
• Spray a light mist onto the floor. Mop floor in a back-and-forth motion in the same direction as strips for best results.
• Never pour water or liquid cleaner directly onto floor surface.


• Larger pets should have their claws trimmed to avoid scratching floors.
• For more difficult stains, dampen a cloth with mineral spirits and clean mess.
• Avoid long term exposure to direct sunlight. UV protective film applied on windows can help protect your flooring in addition to your energy savings.